Pre-owned and Certified Pre-owned

The Lexus brand exemplifies luxury and reliability. If you want to experience these qualities firsthand around Los Angeles, Van Nuys, Glendale, or San Fernando, come to Lexus of Woodland Hills. You may discover that the value extolled by this premium automaker falls well within your reach if you consider pre-owned and certified pre-owned models.

Why consider a pre-owned model?

A pre-owned car such as the Lexus ES models, Lexus GX, or the Lexus IS offers one big benefit over a new one of the same make and model: you get far more value for your money, depending on the vehicle's age and mileage. Because it is a Lexus, the previous owner most likely lavished it with care and attention before turning it to us. Even then, we hand-select each used vehicle to ensure that you get many more years of quality driving from it.

Why consider a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicle?

Standards vary by manufacturer, but a CPO model must meet certain criteria before it receives the designation. Lexus uses L/Certified to describe a CPO vehicle, which must meet the following requirements:

  • Be 6 years old or newer.

  • Have 80,000 or fewer miles on the odometers.

  • Pass a 161-point inspection by our factory-certified technicians on the engine, safety devices, electronics, interior, and exterior, while successfully completing a road test.

What are the benefits of the L/Certified designation?

When you buy a L/Certified Lexus model, you can look forward to receiving the following benefits:

  • Limited Warranty. You receive an L/Certified warranty that runs for two years or unlimited miles above the four-year or 50,000-mile Basic Warranty of any new Lexus, or two years after your purchase or lease date, whichever happens later. You have no deductibles for any repairs made under this warranty. If the repair takes longer than eight hours, you receive a free loaner vehicle for up to five days.

  • Travel Protection. If the warranty condition provokes a repair while you're driving, you receive up to three nights of lodging at up to $200 per night plus meals and a rental car for up to five days at $50 a day.

  • Roadside Assistance. Under the period of the Limited Warranty, you receive two years of Roadside Assistance and towing to the nearest authorized Lexus dealer.

  • Complimentary Maintenance. You receive free maintenance that covers your next four scheduled maintenance visits for two years or 20,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Do I receive a trial of Lexus Enform?

When you buy select L/Certified Lexus models from 2018 or newer, you enjoy a three-month or whatever is left of the one-year new vehicle trial of Lexus Enform, whichever is greater. This suite of connected applications includes the following technologies:

  • Enform Remote lets you use the Lexus app on your smartphone to lock and unlock doors, locate your vehicle, determine vehicle status, start and stop the engine, and more.

  • Safety Connect contacts a live agent when you press the SOS button or calls for help when you can't after a collision.

  • Service Connect sends you service reminders and provides Vehicle Health Reports if your vehicle has that feature.

  • Available Destination Assist gives you live navigation help while you're on the road.

An L/Certified Lexus rewards you with the luxury, prestige, and high-tech amenities of a newer version but at a far greater value for your money. Experience the advantages of Certified Pre-Owned by coming to Lexus of Woodland Hills today for a test drive.